Equal layers in contact with friction

 by J. Jäger, Blattwiesenstr. 7, D-76227 Karlsruhe, Germany

 Int. Conf. Contact Mechanics IV, eds. L. Gaul, C.A. Brebbia, WIT Press, 1999, p. 99-108

email: j_jaeger@t-online.de

Abstract: A generalization of the Cattaneo-Mindlin solution for thin bonded layers with arbitrary surfaces in contact is derived in this paper. We assume that two equal layers are in contact, and show that the normal and tangential stress displacement equations are uncoupled and of the same form. In this case the stick condition for tangential shift is identical with the contact condition in normal direction, and the tangential problem can be reduced to the normal problem. Finally, a recursive algorithm for general load cases is proposed. We believe that this model illustrates typical features of elastic bodies with friction.

This article includes numerical solutions for thick layers. Details on the superpostion method for load histories of thin layers are explained in “A generalization of Cattaneo-Mindlin for thin strips”, J. Appl. Mech.